Whirlpool Corporation

Corporate Governance


Our Board of 13 directors from multiple industries, 11 of whom are independent, bring skills and experiences that align with Whirlpool Corporation’s strategic priorities. Each of the Board’s four committees—Audit, Human Resources, Corporate Governance and Nominating, and Finance—is comprised entirely of independent directors. 

Samuel Allen, Whirlpool BOD

Samuel R. Allen

Presiding Director and Governance/Nominating
Committee Chair

and Human Resources Committee

Marc Bitzer, Whirlpool Chairman and CEO

Marc Bitzer

Chairman of the Board
and Chief Executive Officer

Greg Creed, Whirlpool Board of Director

Greg Creed

Human Resources Committee Chair
and Finance Committee

Diane Deitz, Whirlpool Board of Directors

Diane M. Dietz

Finance and Human Resources Committees

Gerri T Elliot, Whirlpool Board of Directors

Gerri T. Elliott

Finance and Human Resources Committees

Jennifer LaClair, Whirlpool Corp Board of Directors

Jennifer A. LaClair​

Audit and Governance/Nominating Committees

John Liu, Whirlpool Board of Director

John D. Liu

Finance Committee Chair
and Audit Committee

James Loree, Whirlpool Board of Directors

James M. Loree

Audit and Human Resources Committees

Harish Manwani, Whirlpool Board of Directors

Harish Manwani

Governance/Nominating and
Human Resources Committees

Patricia Poppe, Whirlpool Board of Directors

​Patricia K. Poppe​

Audit and Governance/Nominating Committees

General Larry Spencer, Whirlpool Board of Directors

General Larry Spencer

Finance and Governance/Nominating Committees

Michael White, Whirlpool Board of Directors

Michael D. White

Audit Committee Chair
and Governance/Nominating Committee

ruby wilson headshot

Rudy Wilson

Audit and Finance Committees


Our Board is committed to overseeing Whirlpool Corporation’s integration of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles throughout the Company. Senior leaders in our product, sourcing, manufacturing, legal, communications, government relations, and technology functions comprise our Sustainability Steering Committee, which establishes and oversees the Company’s strategic priorities on relevant ESG issues. We have a responsibility to leave the world a better place now and for generations to come and we forge ahead as we’ve always done: doing the right thing, the right way, with integrity.