Social Responsibility

Improving life through House+Home.

Around the world today, 1.6 billion people live in substandard housing. And one-in-ten people worldwide live in “distressed communities”, experiencing a perpetual cycle of low-wage jobs, education instability, inadequate transport, and racial inequality. Helping find solutions to these problems guides our approach to corporate social responsibility across the globe at Whirlpool Corporation.

We continue our 111-year history of using our quality appliances, expertise, and time to make a real, positive difference for our consumers, in our communities and the environment. Our work in this area revolves around a strong, collective impact and worldwide strategy:


Our global focus is on “House”, working across the world in collaboration with our signature partner Habitat for Humanity®. Our local focus is on “House+Home”, also alongside signature partner Habitat for Humanity®, plus one strategic partner such as United Way® and Consulado da Mulher.

Whirlpool employees raise the frame of a future Habitat for Humanity house at Indiana University


Our House initiatives focus on ensuring everyone can have a place to live that is comfortable and nurturing. A place where families can make healthy choices in their efforts to build their best life. Our employees volunteer to build houses and improve housing adequacy alongside world-leading partners like Habitat for Humanity®.

Students in Boys & Girls Club of America in an after-school program


Our Home initiatives focus on developing resilient, vibrant neighborhoods through education and community development in the places where we do business. Most of our operations are located in small towns, and we believe it is our responsibility to support these communities. Together, with local businesses, government and nonprofits we help to improve the quality of life for all residents in our neighborhoods.

Whirlpool Corp. and Habitat for Humanity®

Whirlpool Corporation and Habitat for Humanity have collaborated for 23 years to build a better world where families have access to safe, decent and affordable housing. Whirlpool Corp.has donated more than $136 million to Habitat and donated over 212,800 products globally to Habitat forHumanity families in the U.S., EMEA, Asia and Latin America. In our 23 years working together, Whirlpool Corp. and Habitat have served nearly 1 million people around the world.

BuildBetter with Whirlpool

In 2021, Whirlpool Corp. committed to help expand Habitat’s BuildBetter initiative. BuildBetter with Whirlpool, a three-year commitment, will build 250 energy-efficient and resilient homes, expanding on Habitat’s current efforts to help homeowners mitigate the impacts of climate change with more energy-efficient and resilient homes. As of 2022, 143 out of 250 climate-resilient and energy-efficient builds are complete or in progress. Learnings from BuildBetter will be used to help create resources that can be scaled and implemented immediately across the United States. The aim of the initiative is to help deliver an approximate 15% increase in energy efficiency compared to homes being built to current government code.


Habitat Homes survived weatherdevestation among in community while surrounding homes destroyed
Habitat for Humaity logo

Over the last 23 years Whirlpool Corporation has

Donated more than

$136 Million
to Habitat for Humanity programs

Donated over

212,800 products
globally to Habitat for
Humanity families

Support Programs in

45 countries
with Habitat for Humanity

38,000 people
benefited in 20 years

Consulado da Mulher logo

Consulado da Mulher, in its 20th year in Brazil, invests in underserved female entrepreneurs with business education
and support. To date, it has helped over 38,000 people.

OVER $4.5 Million

total 2022 contributions from employees and Whirlpool Foundation match

United Way logo

Whirlpool Corporation Chairman and CEO Marc Bitzer was named the Worldwide Board of Trustees Chair in 2022.


Feel good fridge generic logo

stocked with easily accessible food

We expanded our Feel Good Fridge program to combat food insecurity with refurbished refrigerators for community centers in underresourced neighborhoods. These refrigerators are stocked with fresh, healthy food and delivered by employee volunteers.

125,000 youths
annually supported through 159 Clubs

Boys and Girls Club of America

Our Maytag brand supports Boys & Girls Clubs of America, that provide safe places, mentors and quality programs to empower youth to excel in life and school through local Clubs.

144 schools in 37 states

to provide access to clean clothes and help lower absenteeism rates

Care Counts

Whirlpool brand’s Care Counts program continues to grow and help boost attendance rates in select schools across the U.S. Participating schools saw nearly 70% of participating high-risk elementary students increase attendance.

Our Regional Efforts