We protect what matters: our culture of integrity and accountability.

We believe there is no right way to do a wrong thing, and we know that improving life at home has to begin with our values.

Our values form the enduring character of our company and are an important part of our heritage. They are the moral compass for everything we do. Our approach to corporate governance reflects Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to those values, which enhances long-term shareholder value and guides decision-making.

Whirlpool Value Integrity


Whirlpool Value Respect


Whirlpool Value Inclusion & Diversity


Whirlpool Value One Whirlpool


Whirlpool Value Spirit of Winning


Whirlpool Integrity Manual

Our culture of integrity is put into action every day by more than 78,000 global employees. This code of ethics represents how we translate our integrity into action.

Whirlpool Board of Directors

Our Board of 13 directors from multiple industries, 12 of whom are independent, bring skills and experiences that align with Whirlpool Corporation’s strategic priorities.

Whirlpool Policies and Principles

Our Board of Directors, sound corporate governance structure and values-driven culture support us in delivering on our commitment to create value for our consumers, employees, communities and shareholders, while operating sustainably.