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Our Operations

Whirlpool Corporation’s Integrated Supply Chain has worked tirelessly to demonstrate the winning spirit that drives all our work as One Whirlpool, earning trust and meeting the demands of this new world.

Despite ongoing supply disruptions, our global manufacturing teams have made important structural changes to embrace new challenges and build a more agile, resilient and stronger supply chain. These changes include capital investments that have increased our flexibility, transformative shifts and efforts that have driven greater data transparency between our suppliers and sales, marketing and manufacturing teams.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies continue to drive product quality, competitive pricing and reliable products for consumers, while providing our manufacturing workforce a safe and ergonomic environment where every employee contributes and is offered meaningful development opportunities. Through WCM, all manufacturing plants participate in regular, rigorous external audits that build on continuous improvements for productivity, quality and sustainability.

Whirlpool Corporation’s
Newest Expansions in 2022

We opened new factories in Argentina and India and broke ground on a multi-year, $65 million expansion in Ottawa, Ohio.