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Supporting Our Consumers

At Whirlpool Corporation, the consumer is at the center of everything we do. Our commitment to be the best kitchen and laundry company, in constant pursuit of improving life at home means to consistently and unfailingly meet or exceed consumer expectations. Through our culture of innovation and passion for our consumers, we seek to continuously deliver on this goal.

Product Safety and Product Quality

Product safety and quality are at the forefront of each appliance we manufacture. Nothing matters more to us than maintaining the safety of and earning and keeping the trust of our consumers. Learn more about our investments in product safety and product quality.

Cultural Intelligence Series

To better meet the needs of consumers across all cultures, in 2022 the Whirlpool Corp. Consumer Insights team, Brand and Product Marketing, ERGs and Global Consumer Design teams started the Cultural Intelligence Series—a multi-phase qualitative research project aimed at immersion into the daily experiences of different cultures. This effort will serve to embed our core values of I&D into every aspect of the consumer journey, including ideation, product development, content and service.

Consul tactile adhesives

In order to increase freedom and autonomy for visually impaired consumers to use appliances, the Consul brand launched a line of embossed stickers that make it easy to identify appliance functions and features, promoting product usability and safety.

#DividaAsTarefas (“Total Division of Tasks”)

In 2022, the Brastemp brand launched a campaign to bring attention to the unequal distribution of household tasks across gender lines. Through the #DividaAsTarefas educational campaign, Brastemp demonstrated that housework should be everyone’s job.

Disability Immersion activities

When it comes to innovation, our engineers strive to improve life at home for all consumers, including those with disabilities. Throughout 2022, the AVID ERG hosted Disability Immersion activities to put employees in the shoes of consumers with disabilities to aid in the development of more accessible features and marketing of our products.